Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weta Homes

Weta are a species of cricket found only in New Zealand and some are restricted to off shore islands as the mainland population has been effected by the arrival of predators, such as rats. Some of them grow to a large size and can look frightening.

In many places across New Zealand people have made various designs for weta hotels and they seem happy to move in where they are provided. The design I plan to develop is using as a starting point some state flats, which will be on the facade, behind this will be a log, split in half and a space hollowed out to all the weta to live in comfort.

I will look at having the facade hinged so people can have a look at an weta that have made the flats their home. You can also get a guide on making your own weta home and the video shows a simple method, using bamboo and wire from here.

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