Friday, 14 November 2014

Everybody go: Insect Hotels, Motels, Holiday Inns...?

I am showing my age, but back to insect homes and hotels. As pressure on land increases and the natural habitats of everything from, elephants to kiwi are under threat, insects are no exception. As awareness grows on the importance of a well balanced ecosystem and a rich biodiversity to provide a healthy environment, support is needed for both the cute and cuddly and small and ugly creatures on the planet. Insects more often than not fall into the small and ugly category but are still a crucial part of the environment.

Building insect shelters is a means to counter the loss of their natural habitats by providing a place for them to live and breed and hopefully thrive, of course the best way would be to of not destroyed the habitat in the first place. So another important element of providing insect homes and hotels is to raise awareness of their important role and the damage done by destroying their natural habitats.

Below are some examples of the many forms insect homes and hotels can take and some times it can be as simple as not mowing the grass and leaving a pile of leaves in the garden.

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