Monday, 2 February 2015

Insect Information

If you want to learn about New Zealand insects, Maori insect lore and lots more information then follow the link below. It is aimed at school age children, Y1 - 10,  but useful for all.
Insect education kit.

In the summer the New Zealand bush reverberates with the busy sounds of Kikihi the
cicada. As you listen to the drowsy, buzzing sounds, winter seems far away. In fact
that is what the cicada sings. "The winter is past and summer is here. Let us sing our
song on the warm bark of trees and be glad, for cold and darkness have gone
away for ever."
If, however, you listened very carefully you might hear another, softer song. This is
sung by those who work throughout the summer time, close to the ground. It is the
song of Popokorua, the ants. "Winter is coming" they sing as they busily scurry
about gathering food and carrying it underground for storage. "We need food to
keep us alive in the cold days of winter. Let us work to live." Winter comes. The cooling
wind that blew softly in summer now shakes the leaves ferociously. Icy rain pelts
down on the saturated soil. Kikihi, grows thin and hungry and finally dies still clinging
to the cold bark. Underground the ant family is snug and well fed, looking forward
to the next fruitful summer."

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