Thursday, 5 February 2015

Day of the Insects

It has been a sunny but gusty day here in Wellington but it also has been a busy day for insects. I was take some photographs of the insect hotels and found a willing model in a passing stick insect, then I was playing around with the toy furniture for the children's insect homes and found a weevil, I think it is a weevil but not that sure, but what ever it was again it was happy to pose for the camera. 

Then outside I was carrying a box when a New Zealand bush giant dragonfly decided to land on me, I was a bit surprised but also annoyed because I couldn't get the camera to take a picture, luckily it returned later a sat on the toolbox and chair for awhile. Also many other insects have been attracted to the hebes that flowering so all in all a good day for the insects.

Insect Aerial - self adjusting

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